Activities For Your Black German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog, also written as GSD, requires high intensity activities moteriski laikrodziai pigiau. Just a gentle walk around the park or the block will not be sufficient for this dog. They need to run and play with other dogs to cater to the high energy that they are blessed with. If left alone, and not exercised, the black German Shepherd will run by itself around the house, which may become distracting for your and other house members. That is just one reason you need to exercise your dog; another is that if not exercised, the dog may become sullen and depressed, and jumpy. In such situations, it will tend to attack or respond to imaginary threads and remain very jumpy around others. In the following sections we will cover some of the activities you should involve your dog in for its better mental and physical health, also don’t forget about vitamins and glucosamine for dogs.

Jogging and Walking

Walking is easy for you to do, and its also useful for this breed of dog. A fast paced 30 to 45 minute stroll is a good start for this dog, done twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If your dog can get at least 2 miles ( 3 kilometers) of walking every day, he will fell well. Similarly, jogging is also good for your dog. Both walking and jogging should be done on grass, and not on paved surfaces. Paved surfaces will not be conducive to your dogs paws and will damage them in the long run; that is why you should prefer grass surface to job or to walk.

Swimming and Water Park Fun

Swimming is a very low impact activity that does not damage the limbs or body in any way. This is why its preferred for dogs that have limb injury, or which are otherwise recovering from some injury. Swimming is also a good choice for older dogs who may have problems with hips or joints. When it comes to water park, the GSD can prove to be a fun companions for the kids. The dog can play fetch in the water with kids or with adults, and other kinds of games too can be played in the water.

Hiking with your GSD

Black German Shepherds, like all other dogs, is bred from ancient wolf ancestors, and therefore the call of the wild things is strong with the GSD, like with other dogs – learn more at black german shepherd website. Hiking can therefore be a very fun activity that can be done with this breed. It is always advisable to be fully prepared for any event, and therefore you should always keep the dog in your sight so it is not overcome with any rivulet or any other animal. It is also advisable to carry a first aid kit for yourself and for your dog at all times. When out hiking, you can even give your dog a backpack, that is made specially for dogs. This backpack can be used to carry the stuff related to the dog, such as first aid pack and its treats and foods. This way it will lighten your load, and make the dog feel special.