What Dog Collars Say About The Dog That Wears Them

Dog collars can make their own fashion statement, and it is one that dog owners can appreciate. The best dog collars are those that allow the dog to carry some form of identification as well as allow the dog freedom of movement, which puts leather dog collars among them. A leather dog collar can take a wide variety of different forms, and they are usually made from soft leather which allows the skin underneath to breath as well as not limiting the dog in any way. It also allows the owner a number of different options when it comes to making a fashion statement.

Leather collars for dogs usually have four different forms: plain, studded, spiked, or decorated. Each one is for different dogs and so the owners take advantage of those different connotations. Most people settle for the plain leather dog collars as they are the most utilitarian; they are useful without making the dog worthy of attention in and of itself. While they may be available in a wide variety of different colors they are usually small enough that they can virtually disappear into the hair of the animal. They do their job well enough, which is to allow a place for the dog’s license and other tags to hang from without getting in the way of the animal, so they are very popular.

Spike and studded collars for dogs allow for some protection for the dog in question as well as making the dog look tougher. While this is sometimes used ironically, such as spiked collars for small furry dogs, they are generally used by owners whose dogs perform defensive functions such as guard duty or for attack dogs. The owner may also purchase them in order to make himself look tougher or to make a political statement. In general spiked collars are used to give the dog an edge in attack while studded collars are seen as more defensive in nature; as dogs are used less for attacks and more for defense spiked collars have seen a decrease in popularity, especially as law enforcement takes a more aggressive policy when it comes to attack dogs.

Decorative dogs collars also tend to be more personalized. These personalized dog collars may have the dog’s name carved into them or set into gems; some may even pictures of the owner as a demonstration of the owner’s love. While they are more for the vanity of the owner than the protection of the pet, they do nonetheless tend to make a stunning fashion statement and some can become small treasures in their own right as owners sometimes use actual gems in the collars.

Regardless of the statement that the leather dog collars may make they are nonetheless important. Even in an era where dogs are routinely micro-chipped in order to ensure that they always have some form of identification, collars for dogs provide a place for dogs to always be identified. As dog collars allow for the owner to make a point about the dog, they will always be popular regardless of which form they ultimately take.