Why Use Dog Tags?

Every year, hundreds and thousands of dogs never make it back home after they are lost. They simply don’t have the means to do so. This problem can be addressed by the dog owners in a simple step. Just put a tag around the neck of the dog. Since this tag would contain all the required information, it would be easier for a kind person to send the dog back to you. The irony is that most of the dog owners don’t feel a need for the same. They spend a lot of money on the pet’s food, habitat, medication and other things, but a tag looks like an unnecessary investment to them.

The first thing that comes to their minds is that the pet won’t wander away from their home. However, many a time, the dog might wander away just enough to forget the path back to home. Considering that the dog tag is just a small investment which can give a great value to the dog, there is no need to have second thoughts about the dog tags. Just get the tag and put it on the dog.

The second thing that comes to their mind is that the tag may not look good on the dog. Looking fashionable is one thing and taking safety measures is another. You can choose when to use the tag and when not to. If you are going out, then it is a must to put the tag on the dog. Further, you can get custom dog tags according to your taste. You can choose from a variety of materials, right from fibre to alloys. You can even use gold and silver to make the dog id tags. And then there are a lot of designs you can choose from.

Third thing that comes to the dog owners mind mind is that the dog won’t like the dog tag. It is true that the dogs won’t like the tag on the first day of wearing it but they become comfortable with it in a week or so. In fact, the pet stops noticing it from the next day itself. Some pets may take longer to adjust, but ultimately they all feel at home with it.

Fourth thing the dog owners think is that it is demeaning to use the tag on the dog. This thought generally comes because of a lot of affection toward the pet. The feeling is justified up to some extent but considering that the dog can’t speak and a tag is for its own safety, a little discomfort won’t be harmful. Once the dog gets used to the tag, it would feel comfortable with it.

Some owners also think that the tag would annoy or harm the dog. To address this problem, choose a good quality lightweight material. If your dog is allergic to something, avoid using that material or thing in the tag. At the end of the day, safety comes before comfort, fashion and liking. So, the owners should always use id tags for dogs.