Looking For Dog Crates For Sale?

Dog crates make for temporary home for dogs. They can be used for other pets as well. These are used especially when you are moving around with the pet. The choice of a crate would depend on the size of the dog, the strength you need in the crate, the event you are going for, the climate, and the mode of transportation you would take. For example, a wired crate won’t be allowed on airplanes as it does not provide adequate protection to the dog.

Using it for the first time!

There are special crates which can be used during the training period. At this stage, the dogs need an easy access to their place. Dogs are reluctant to enter the crate when they see it for the first time. Making it go into the crate may be a bit difficult. You will have to make the crate inviting by putting in a few toys and a blanket. With time, they become familiar with the crate and start using it as their home. Also, make sure your gestures and words refer to the same specific actions again and again. If you keep changing the gestures and the words to refer to the actions, then the dog would get confused and may take longer to learn.

Keep the numbers ready!

When you look for dog crates for sale, make sure you have the details of the breed of the dog, its age and its measurements. Though the sellers have a size chart of dogs and related crates, buying something on assumption may not get you the right product. Since the dog has to spend a lot of its time inside the crate, you should go the extra mile to buy something that is comfortable and safe for it.

Buying for puppies or fully-grown dogs?

If you are buying a crate for puppies, then you need to take into account their growth as well. Puppies grow fast and they change size every second month. You can’t keep buying a crate every other month. Instead, buy a flexible crate that can be adjusted to increase its living area. Dogs don’t just enter the crate and go to sleep. They keep turning and shifting all the time. Thus, the crate should always be slightly bigger than the size of the dog. This would allow it to turn and stretch comfortably.

The right size!

If your dog has outgrown the crate, then don’t force the pet into it. If you do so, it may develop abnormalities. At the same time, larger than required crates also have their share of problems. They would be difficult to carry while the dog may get injured even in small tumbles. The extra space may look inviting to the dog for defecating in it. For a fully grown dog, buy just the right size as the size charts suggest. For a younger one, buy a slightly bigger crate to accommodate its growth.

You will find a variety of dog kennels for sale. These are easily available at malls, dog stores and even online. They are easy to assemble and take down as well. You can go for cheap dog crates or costly ones depending on your requirement.