Starting A Dog Toys Business

Starting a business can be a daunting task.  Advice flows left, right and centre that you may get confused. The nature of the business should dictate most of the requirements.  In starting a dog toys shop, what should you consider?


The location of a business determines its ultimately success. Businesses that are located in a convenient and easily accessible location tend to get more clients. In the case of a dog toys shop, you ought to look for a location where there are plenty of homes with dogs. Ensuring that the business is located next to other shops or facilities that sell related products will be an added advantage since shoppers want to shop in locations where they can find whatever they need conveniently.

Quality of products

Dog toys come in different qualities depending on the manufacturer and the materials used to manufacture them. Dogs are strong pets and therefore the use of substandard materials means that even the best dog toys may not last long enough. Provision of such toys will lose you a lot of clients in the long run. To avoid this, only stock products from trusted brands that have been proven to be of very high quality.


All businesses require sufficient capital to run especially in the first few months of operation. As such, a businesses that deals with toys for dogs will also require some projections to ensure the business runs effectively for the first six or so months depending on the location and business environment. The capital requirements can be calculated by projecting such costs as the cost of purchasing stock, paying employees and the business premises, cost of acquiring licenses and permits and the cost of any inspections. You may also factor in the cost of training new employees, insurance costs and employee welfare costs.

Variety of products

There are different categories of dog toys. These are meant to cater for the differences in sizes, preferences and ages.  As a seller you ought to have a range of some of the best dog toys in the market. Since toys change with time, it is essential to keep updating the catalogues and toys in stock to allow pet owners sufficient choices. You should include a number of interactive dog toys too for those who would like to play with their dogs from time to time. The first few months, it is advisable to keep the stock level low since you do not have concrete information on the buying cycles for pet owners. Once you study the stock movements, you can make adjustments to the products you stock.

Online dog toy stores

The internet has revolutionised businesses all over the world. A lot of people are turning to the internet to purchase different items. The same applies for cool dog toys.   Since people buy dog toys online, it is in order to set up an online store where people can make orders. Businesses with physical premises can also have a presence on major social media sites to take care of clients who may be in far flung areas. For an online business, ensure that your customer service is excellent, your shipping arrangements are both timely an cost efficient and that the quality of products is high