Tasty And Healthy Dog Treats

Hounds definitely enjoy rewards and extra flavors aside from their daily meals. As a responsible master, it only makes sense to want what is healthy for that canine friend. Fortunately, there are healthy dog treats that pups will not only find scrumptious but are also good for them. The best dog treats are not exactly those that are so popularly available in pet shops.

Giving treats for dogs is just like giving snacks to the kids. One has to make sure that these snacks are good for their overall physical condition. The best dog treat might not be that which everyone thinks is. The rewards one feeds his pet must be that which is natural and tasty as well.

One might never have thought of this as a treat for a hound, but red peppers are a great source of nutrition. These vegetables help the metabolism of our pooches. Red peppers, without doubt qualify as excellent nourishing delights.

Give carrots a try. Carrots are good for the dental needs of one’s animal companion. Chewing on them is beneficial to their teeth. These orange root vegetables assist the bowel movement of canines due to their high fiber content.

Pure and unsweetened yogurt is another nutritious goodie. If one is looking for a food that contains calcium to strengthen his pup’s bones, then yogurt is the item to choose. This snack also has the essential compound called protein.

Nobody likes to see their dog suffer from any illness in their teeth. Sardines aid in avoiding this because of the omega-3 they contain. Sardines also contain an abundant amount of protein. In addition to that, they are also good for the brain.

Together with sardines, add some amount of brown rice. Especially if one’s pup has stomach aches, brown rice is the relief for such a discomfort. It is an appetizing foodstuff for the animal’s tummy and a superb source of carbohydrates and fiber as well.

Cauliflower would be something nice to put in your furry companion’s diet. It wards off diseases like cancer. It also gives these four-legged creatures a plentiful supply of fiber which is good for the digestive system.

Everyone loves apples. So do dogs. Their crunchiness and sugary flavor are enjoyed by hounds as pleasurable snacks.  Apples are rich sources of calcium and Vitamins C and K. They also contain a soluble fiber called Pectin.

Go ahead, give him cheese. Just a little bit of it will make the canine jump higher, run faster and stay. Trainers usually give cheese as an incentive for dogs to perform better. Nevertheless, do not give too much because it can lead to stomach troubles.

Going through the list above of nutritious rewards for canines, one can find these items as not that enjoyable at all. However, if a master really wants the best for his pet, then providing the hound with natural food delights is one way of doing so. Although one can give his animal friend a cookie once in a while, a constant ration of vegetables and fruits shows sincere care and concern for his pet’s well-being.