Enjoy The Company Of A Black German Shepherd

I enjoy having a German Shepherd Dog. The dog is just the right temperament for our family of four children. The children are young, and my wife is a stay at home mother. This makes it great for us, as black German Shepherds can be very active dogs. Here are a few things to consider before adopting a German Shepherd:

•Can you walk the dog on a regular basis? My wife and I had done research, so we knew that the breeds were active and we would have to entertain it regularly. This was a great fit for our four young children.

•Do you have a big back yard? We live on a farm, so our dog has plenty of space to run free and be protected. We also make sure that we let the dog run unsupervised in a fenced area so there are no problems.

•Do you have patience? If you have a lot of patience, this dog is great for you. While the dog itself isn’t high maintenance, it does require patience for being taught.

•Are you able to maintain regular vet visits? While I’ve had few problems with my pet’s health, I needed to be able to maintain a healthy pet life. I take my pet to the vet at least three times a year.

If all of these apply, you should consider getting a black German Shepherd for your family today.