German Shepherd Dogs – An Introduction

A good German Shepherd Dog gives an impression of a strong, lithe, muscular beast, vigilant and teeming with life. It is balanced development of the fore and hind limbs. The dog is longer than tall, has a deep body, and curvy rather than angular. It has heavy set looks and not scrawny, giving off an impression of being supple and fit, both during rest and activity.The ideal dog has a look of a good and noble breed – difficult to put in words, but noticeably present. Secondary sex features are noteworthy, and each animal is definitely masculine or feminine.

The breed has a defined personality of being straight forward and brave, but not confrontational, self-confidence and a certain detachment does not pave its way to instant and random friendships. The dog must be congenial, maintaining its ground and displaying confidence and eagerness to invite introductions without initiating them. It is calm and composed, but according to the situation’s demands,it becomes keen and attentive; both capable and eager to serve in multiple roles of a companion, watchdog, helping the blind, herder.

Any of the above character flaws that are indicative of a guarded nature must be categorized as grave faults and any dog having an such signs must be excluded from the ring.The judge must be able to observe the teeth make sure that both testicles have matured. Any dog trying to bite the judge must be excluded.