Interesting Things You Don’t Know About German Shepherds

German shepherds are beautiful, intelligent dogs. Most of us know them as guard dogs or dogs that help the blind. However, there are things you may not know about this dog such as they were initially bred to be herding dogs. Also, in Germany, when they were first created, they were given the name “Deutsche Schaferhunde,” which means ‘German Shepherd Dog.” Find out about the black German shepherd.

In addition, there is a difference between American-bred and German –bred shepherds. American shepherds are bred with show ring in mind; while shepherds in Germany are bred with a focus on working. Another interesting point is that they are the third most intelligent dog breed in the world. Border Collies come in at number 1 and Poodles come in at number 2. Some may not know it; but these dogs have the capacity to train well; however, they don’t do well alone. Black German shepherds have a distinctive look.

Those who have a shepherd in the family know that they are the most dependable of dogs but they can also be highly aggressive if they are trained to do so.

To conclude, shepherds are intelligent and beautiful dogs. Talk with your vet soon and find out about this beautiful and hard-working dog.